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Wed Jan 18, 2017 4:45 pm (PST) . Posted by:

“Albert Moreschi” 

Hello All,

Congratulations to All of Our New “Extra Class Amateur Radio Operators”.

With 19 General Class students attending this class, all of the students
passed their exam and have upgraded to Extra Class.
They are:

KI4YFG Frank Barrientos
NP2IJ Derick Anness
K4TMA Thomas Atchley
KK4OBI Richard Reid
KM4RYG Knut Iversen
KM4YFE Mary Ambrust
KM4RYM Richard Smith
KM4YEU Michael Cawry
KM4IQB Carlos Silva
KM4UKU Polly McMullen
KM4PKT Jon Robert
W4HRA Richard Spears
W4AAE Steve Carew
KK4HOW Dwight Hanners
W4NRS Norman Jeweler
KE4JAR Steve Wiesen
KM4OOD Guillermo Castro

and Technician Class:
KN4ADR Samual Gonzalez

That is a tremendous accomplishment and I am proud of all of our Hams.

Also a big thanks to the Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue Department for
allowing us to use their facilities for this class!

Also a big thanks to our VE Team:

Mark WM4ET
Robert N3HO
Peter W2DV
Rick N3KCA
Steve K9SDM
Bert AG4BV

Just a reminder the next class is a Technician Class scheduled for
February 25th and 26th, 2017 in West Palm Beach at the American Red Cross.

See attached flier!!

If you would like to sign up for the class, just drop me an email.

Once again, Congratulations to the new Extras!!!!!!

Albert Moreschi
ARRL Instructor/VE
561 714-6673

JTRG Sponsored Amateur Radio Exams

There are numerous aspects to the hobby of Amateur Radio including electronics, event communications, DX or long-distance communications, digital and satellite communications, etc., but certainly one of the most important involves emergency communications. Amateur Radio Operators have been an important part of communicating information during and immediately following numerous disasters. The expression coined within the Amateur Radio community that best captures this is, “When all else fails, Amateur Radio works!”If you have an interest in any of these aspects of the hobby, JTRG would like to help you get there.  There are three levels of licensing in Amateur Radio – Technician, General and Extra. Beginning with Technician, each level requires the successful completion of an examination. The cost of each exam is $15.00.

Study books and tapes can be purchased from the ARRL and online bookstores such as and locally like a Barnes & Noble.

There are numerous sites offering online pre-testing which is an excellent way to test your knowledge and prepare for test day! ARRL, QRZ, eHam, AA9PW, RadioExam, and others.


JTRG regularly sponsors Technician training classes and Amateur Radio Exams, which are listed to the right. Test sessions cost $15 and you must remember to bring two forms of ID including a government issued photo ID. If you are upgrading to General or Amateur Extra, be sure to also bring a copy of your FCC license and C.S.C.E. If you need more information about our exam sessions please review our calendar and/or contact: Albert Moreschi, Volunteer Examiner Liaison via e-mail at


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