Technician Class

Hello All,
This weekends class/exam session at the American Red Cross was a huge success. With the help of Kevin Jackson-W4JKJ ARRL Instructor/VE, Mike Stowe-KV4MS ARRL VE, Jeff Beals-WA4AW ARRL VE, David Fowler-K4DLF ARRL VE, Darrell Null-KK5IT ARRL VE, Mike Alauskas-AJ4PN ARRL VE, Joseph Novak-K4OVK ARRL VE and the folks at the American Red Cross for allowing us to us their facilities, there are now 24 new Amateur Radio Operators looking forward to get on the air.
Congratulations to all of you who attended the class and passed the exam. A big thanks to our Instructor’s and VE Team on this successful session.
For more information on future classes, exam sessions and upcoming events visit For questions, comments or information, myself and the others will be here to assist you.
Best Regards,
Albert Moreschi-AG4BV
ARRL Instructor/VE

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