Repeaters and Nets

JTRG operates three open and coordinated repeaters in the North Palm Beach county area as W4JUP. We invite and encourage all licensed amateur radio operators to use the repeaters when you’re in the area. The map to the left is interactive so click on the blue placemarkers for additional information regarding each repeater site. JTRG Membership – Our repeaters are open to all, but for regular use and club membership, we encourage you to join JTRG for an annual donation of $25 per family. Please visit the membership page for an application and mailing address. For other repeaters in the area, please visit the FRC website. For a list of Florida repeaters supporting Echolink and/or IRLP, please see this list.”

146.625 110.9 JTRG PRIMARY VHF Primary VHF repeater and PBC North ARES. Covers Vero Bch to Boynton Beach
146.715 110.9 JTRG South VHF South VHF repeater. Covers PSL to N Ft. Lauderdale
444.225 110.9 JTRG UHF North county UHF repeater.

Area Nets

Jupiter Tequesta Repeater Group -Weekly Rag Chew Net 146.625 /110.9 – This is an active repeater, with a formal Ragchew net running on Tuesdays at 8pm and very reliable (albeit informal) work-day commute net keeping up with local traffic conditions.  This repeater also serves as the North Palm Beach County’s ARES/RACES repeater. Be sure to keep an updated copy of the ICS-205 EMCOMM frequency list.

Jupiter Farms CERT Net – Mondays at 7:00pm  AG4BV Repeater 145.170 /110.9 – Jupiter Farm’s CERT 

Tuesdays at 07:00pm: Repeater 146.670 /110.9. PBC ARES North.

MCARA RagChew & Swap
Monday, 08:00pm. Repeater: 147.060 /107.2

Treasure Coast WX Net
Sunday, 09:00pm. Repeater: 146.775 /107.2
WX Net

Port St Lucie Ragchew
Thursday, 07:30pm. Repeater: 146.955 /107.2
PSL Ragchew

Monday, 07:00pm: 145.320. URCALL: CQCQCQ, RPT1: K4WPB C, MYCALL: [Your Callsign]

WPBARC Ragchew Net
Tuesday, 07:30pm: West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Club Ragchew Net held every Tuesday at 7:30PM on the WR4AKX repeater 146.670 /110.9.

K4FK /R on 147.330+ /103.5, Wednesdays, 7:33 PM EST

Flamingo Net
29.044, Fridays 7:30pm EST

GasBag HF Net
At 7pm EST (11:00 UTC,) you can find a number of your South Florida friends and meet some new ones at the HF GasBag Net on 7.223MHz.

If you’re new to the area, a list of coordinated repeaters can be found at the Florida Repeaters Council

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