Presidents Corner


By Albert Moreschi II AG4BV


I wish the very best to all of you, your families, our new slate of Club Officers and BOD’s for 2018.

In Review

2017 has been a good year for the Jupiter Tequesta Repeater Group.

In 2018 we will celebrate our Groups 36th year anniversary while we continue to build upon those basic principles that our Group established in 1982 and reinforce our foundation to insure our continued success.

At our 2017 Field Day we are very proud of the JTRG’s accomplishments. Our Field Day results were 950 points. We came in 1st place in the 1A SFL section and 2nd place for State of Florida. This is a statistic you should all be very proud of. My thanks to all of you who helped make our 2017 Field Day event a great experience.

Another great accomplishment in 2017 was all the New Hams who we helped to achieve their goals in becoming Licensed Amateur Radio Operators thanks to our outstanding VE Team. We also held a General class which helped to upgrade those Technician Class operators seeking to use much more of the HF bands. This is all part of our commitment in helping to promote, educate and be there to assist our communities when we in need to respond to emergencies and disasters.

Our 2017 results are 33 New Technicians, 15 General Class upgrades and 18 Amateur Extra upgrades.

In 2018 we will continue our commitment to bring more Hams into the hobby by holding regularly scheduled classes and exam sessions all at the PBC EOC. We are looking forward to our 2018 classes and exam sessions.

Our JTRG website continues to be updated by Larry Grayhills K1UAT for all of you to enjoy. We are looking forward to our 2018 upgrades.

Congratulations to our 2018 Officers. They are Albert Moreschi AG4BV President, Craig Eller KG4QKN Vice President, Kathy Prater KA4JTO Treasurer and Robert Hutchinson N2DZV Secretary.

A big thanks to our outgoing Treasurer Ruth Jacobs KK4PIX and our 2015 Ham of the Year, for all of the T’s she crossed and the I’s she dotted as she kept track of and balanced the books. Great job Ruth!!

2018 Board Of Directors are Craig Eller KG4QKN, Tim McDow KM4EG. Jerry Gumbus N4GKI, Herb Price N4UNT and Albert Moreschi AG4BV.

Congratulations to John Leonardi our 2016 “Ham of the Year” for all of his expertise in keeping our website up to date and looking great!

Our 2017 Ham of the Year Award will be announced at our next Regular Group Meeting on Wednesday February 7th, 2018 at 7:00PM at the Jupiter Old Town Hall.

Our club has a Yahoo Group listing and is easy to sign up to. As a member you are eligible to join the group. You can sign up by going to  or copying and pasting this link.

Our repeaters continue to operate normally with the use of the Motorola Quantar for our primary 146.625 VHF site on the I Heart tower in Hobe Sound. At the Marriott Hotel at PGA and I-95 we have a VHF back up 146.625 repeater and the  Motorola MTR 2000 UHF 444.225 repeater. The 146.715 South Repeater is a Motorola MSF 5000 on the I Heart 400’ tower at 45th Street and Jog Rd with coverage from Ft. Lauderdale to St Lucie County. These repeaters provide us with the best Amateur Radio communications for our area and will insure reliable communications equipment to be used for many years to come.

We are extremely grateful for all of the generous donations made by many individuals, members and businesses to the Jupiter Tequesta Repeater Group in 2017. Those donations go a long way in helping our clubs success. Papa John’s continues to donate pizza for our club meetings. A big thanks to Papa John’s for their contributions and Dunkin Donuts who donates donuts and coffee at our Adopt A Highway events and Field Day.

The Jupiter Tequesta Repeater Group will have many activities throughout 2018 with events such as Amateur Radio Classes, Amateur Radio Exams, Field Day, Adopt A Highway program, Jupiter Jubilee, working communications for the Jupiter Farms Parade and the Jupiter Tequesta Parade, four Club Meetings some with special guests, and our regularly scheduled weekly Rag Chew Net on Tuesday evenings at 8:00pm on the 146.625 repeater Pl 110.9. We are in need of more Net Control Operators.

In 2018 we will reinforce and build on our strengths which have been to help promote Amateur Radio in a positive way in and around our communities, continue to educate those individuals seeking to join this hobby, demonstrate our skills at public events, enjoying the hobby and helping others when called upon.

For those interested in helping out during disasters you will need to take the FEMA on line courses; IS-100, 200,700, 800 and the ARECC Courses. Another educational opportunity is the Skywarn Beginner and Advanced class which is usually held at the PBC EOC. Other groups that you may want to consider joining are the American Red Cross, PBC EOC AUXCOMM Operators, PBDARES and the ARRL. When you join the ARRL you will receive the QST magazine and the ARRL assists you when your license is about to expire or if you change your address. These are just a few of the many benefits available to you when you join the ARRL.

As always, my sincere thanks to all of our club members for your contributions at our events, helping to promote the Jupiter Tequesta Repeater Group and helping to ensure the success in the future for our club and this fun hobby.

A special thanks to Bonnie at the Town of Jupiter for allowing us to use their facilities, the American Red Cross, PBC EOC, I Heart Radio, Marriott Hotels, Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue, PBC Fire Chiefs Association for allowing us use of the emergency trailer at our Field Day events, all of our Committee Groups, Net Control Operators, the leadership skills of our Club Officers,  JTRG Board of Directors, the News Media, the ARRL, all of our sponsors, our supporters and especially all of our club members.

As the Jupiter Tequesta Repeater Group’s President, the accomplishments we have made over the years have been met and exceeded.  Our goals could not have been achieved without your support.

We have endured many tests and have passed them all with flying colors. Thanks to your dedicated commitment and desire to be the best. In 2018 we will celebrate our Groups 36th Anniversary and again focus on achieving our goals which we can reach with everyone’s support.

Thanks to Dr. Larry Grayhills K1UAT efforts, the Jupiter Tequesta Repeater Group is now on Face Book! Check it out. Great work Larry!

Our success can not be measured by where we are, but rather, how we got there!

I look forward to many more great accomplishments in the coming years.

My sincere thanks to all of our outstanding Members!

73 To All of you,
God Bless,
Albert “Bert” Moreschi
JTRG President and BOD
2006 thru 2011, 2014 thru 2018

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