Welcome to the Jupiter Tequesta Repeater Group-JTRG!


Membership is open to all licensed amateur radio operators. Membership dues are $25 annually.

Dues are utilized by the club to fund the various events & picnics we participate in as well as funding the maintenance for the club’s many repeaters.

Please complete the membership application and mail it to the address below. Make plans to attend the next regular business meeting where your membership application will be presented to the club and you will be voted in.

Existing members will probably be interested in obtaining a name tag to identify your name, callsign and club affiliation at meetings and events. Ordering information can be found at the right.

Members are also encouraged to join the JTRG Yahoo! Group. This group provides a way for members to reach members. Official club business will be sent directly via email distribution.


JTRG Membership
PO Box 7751
Jupiter, FL 33468

The JTRG treasurer can be reached at
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