Field Day

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Field Day, held on the last  full weekend of June, gives us all the chance to use our skills and experiences learned in Amateur Radio.  Field Day is the ARRL’s largest event and is a North American contest where Amateur Radio operators attempt to make as many contacts as possible in a 24-hour period while operating under simulated emergency conditions. If you’re new to HF, this is a perfect time to join in the fun to enhance your skills with operating HF, setting up temporary antennas and working the pile-ups. If you’re a veteran operator, we still need your skills to operate and rack up the contact points!

JTRG Field Day and Picnic will be held June 24-25th, 2017. JTRG will participate from 351 Old A1A, Carlin Park, Jupiter 33477

We’ll be operating as a class 3A, in simulated emergency conditions and using the special event call sign, W4J. We’ll have transceivers set up with operators making contacts through various modes (FM, CW, and Digital) and on all available bands as well as a “Get on the Air (GOTA)” radio where you can try it out yourself! Any Amateur Radio band except 12, 17, 30 and 60 Meters.

Setup begins on Saturday at about 7am with the Field Day communications commencing at 2pm. We’ll run for the next 24 hours with tear-down at 2pm on Sunday. We need plenty of volunteers to assist with operating stations, setup, cleanup, cooking, etc. ANY time you can contribute towards the success of JTRG’s Field Day is greatly appreciated!

Contact Information: For Field Day Information contact ARRL: or (860) 594-0232.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep your ears tuned to the local Clear Channel stations to hear our public service announcements and radio advertisements for JTRG’s Field Day activities!

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