Congratulations 2017 Amateur Extra Upgrades!

Extra_Class_2017_2630 (1)

Congratulations to All of Our New “Extra Class Amateur Radio Operators”.

With 19 General Class students attending this class, all of the students passed their exam and have upgraded to Extra Class.
They are:

KI4YFG  Frank Barrientos
NP2IJ   Derick Anness
K4TMA  Thomas Atchley
KK4OBI  Richard Reid
KM4RYG  Knut Iversen
KM4YFE  Mary Ambrust
KM4RYM  Richard Smith
KM4YEU   Michael Cawry
KM4IQB  Carlos Silva
KM4UKU  Polly McMullen
KM4PKT  Jon Robert
W4HRA  Richard Spears
W4AAE  Steve Carew
KK4HOW  Dwight Hanners
W4NRS   Norman Jeweler
KE4JAR  Steve Wiesen
KM4OOD  Guillermo Castro

and Technician Class:
KN4ADR   Samual Gonzalez

That is a tremendous accomplishment and I am proud of all of our Hams.

Also a big thanks to the Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue Department for allowing us to use their facilities for this class!

Also a big thanks to our VE Team:

Mark WM4ET
Robert N3HO
Peter W2DV
Rick N3KCA
Steve K9SDM
Bert AG4BV

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