JTRG Business Meeting Minutes for March 6, 2013


Meeting was called to order by President, Kevin Jackson at 7:06 PM, with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

A moment of silence was observed, honoring all departed members.


President Kevin Jackson welcomed all visitors, the introductory roll call included 19 members, and guests Laura Zavalla, KD6JIP, and her son Alphonso, and also Tom Loughney, AJ4YM, Past President of West Palm Beach Amateur Radio Club, was in attendance.
All JTRG officers, and Board Members, Craig Eller, KG4QKN, Jerry Gumbus, N4GKI, and
Tim McDow, KM4EF were present.


Club Treasurer, Andrea Kola, AJ4PW, reports the JTRG has changed bank accounts from BB&T to PNC with two checking accounts, the club's Operation account, and the Equipment Fund. The Education fund was merged into the club's operating account. Reason cited for change of banks were excessive fees charged by BB&T.
Andrea also gave a review of the 2012 financial audit performed by herself, January 16, 2013. No irregularities were found. She also stated that all members are welcome to check the books at the the beginning of each business meeting.
As of 2/28/2013, the report showed:

Checking account------------------------ $1505.53
Equipment Fund--------------------------$1681.35
Current Treasury Total--------------------$3186.88

Motion to accept Treasurer's report was made by V. President Mike Stowe, seconded by board member, Craig Eller, and approved by the membership.

The minutes of January 9, 2013, meeting, even though posted on the JTRG website, were not available to be read at the meeting. Secretary, Lee Pennington, K4LJP reports that January's meeting minutes will be read at the next regular business meeting in May.


Visitors and prospective members of the club, Alphonso and his mother Laura Zavalla, KD6JIP, were introduced to the club and voted into the membership.


Social Committee Chairman, Joshua Heath, KI4NNQ, reports that the March 23rd. JTRG Spring Picnic is on! Treasurer Andrea Kola secured a permit for the club's favorite picnic site, the Jupiter Beach Island pavilion, from the Town of Jupiter, January 26, 2013.
JTRG will request/encourage $8-10 donations at picnics to defray the cost. Once again the catering will be from CR Chicks, which went over very well at the 2012 Fall Picnic.

A proposal by Vice President, Mike Stowe, KV4MS, was presented to the Board Of Directors for modifying and streamlining the annual election procedure.
Board member, Craig Eller, KG4QKN, discussed the proposed election changes, which were passed by the Board of Directors. They will be reflected at the Annual Meeting and then put into effect for next year.
Craig Eller also presented to the membership, a proposal made to the JTRG BOD, by Past President, Bert Moreschi, AG4BV, to purchase the 146.715 repeater. The club unanimously rejected the offer citing an unwillingness to give up the coverage area, frequency pair, site and the hardware.
V. P. Mike Stowe, KV4MS has volunteered to be the 2013 Field Day chairman.

JTRG's participation in the following scheduled Calendar Events was discussed:

1. West Palm Beach Radio Festival, Saturday, Mar. 9, 2013, Presented by Darryl Null, KK5IT
2. Stuart Free Hamfest, Saturday, Mar 16, Presented by Bill Laakkonen, N4BKT
3. The Farmstead Special Event, N4L, AKA "The Battle of Loxahatchee", Saturday, March 23
4. FL QSO Party.
5. Peanut Island Special Event
6. 2013 ARRL Field Day Event, to be held at the OLD TOWN HALL, (our meeting place)
A call to action by the president, during the calendar discussion for all events, is participation. We have a full year of radio events planned and need members to come out and have some fun!

At the conclusion of the club's business an informative SSTV demonstration was presented by Scott Heath, AF4KK and his son Joshua, KI4NNQ.

Half & Half Raffle,(cash) winner was Mike Alauskas, AJ4PN. He was also the Door prize winner of an emergency flashlight..
Mike Kola, KJ4KBH also won a dinner certificate door prize.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Donn Sinclair, WY5I, seconded by BobPurrinson, KF2GQ.
Meeting was adjourned by the President at 8:49. PM

Respectfully Submitted,
Lee Pennington II - K4LJP