Ham of the Year
Jim Stevenson, KD4SJF 2012
Bob Purrinson, KF2GQ 2011
Kevin Jackson, W4JKJ 2010
Mike Stowe, KV4MS 2009
Craig Eller, KG4QKN 2008
Jeff Praham, WA1JCW 2007
Don Sinclair, WY5I 2006
Tim McDow, KM4EF 2005
Bert Moreschi, AG4BV 2004
Pete McGovern, KE4PPI 2003
Rich Christensen, N4VDC 2002
Edwin Petzolt, K1LNC 2000
Russ Geng, KQ4ND 1999
Jerry Gumbus, N4GKI 1998
Lou Devillon, K4ZRP 1997
John Heron, WA4FAP 1996
KF2GQ, Bob Purrinson
JTRG recognizes you as Ham of the Year-2011!  Recognizing his contributions to Amateur Radio and promotion of the hobby through numerous opportunities to demonstrate and elmer fellow hams.
KD4SJF, Jim Stevenson
Many thanks for tireless contributions you make to the technical committee and keeping the lights on for JTRG’s repeaters!
W4JKJ, Kevin Jackson
JTRG recognizes you as Ham of the Year-2010!  Recognizing his contributions to, and promotion of the hobby through various volunteer efforts, training, and test administration.
AG4BV-Bert Moreschi, AJ4PN-Mike Alauskas, W4JKJ-Kevin Jackson
First Q Award from the U.S. Islands Award Program for activating Peanut Island, FL479 on June 13th, 2009.
KV4MS, Mike Stowe
JTRG recognizes you as Ham of the Year-2008!
K4DLF, David Fowler
JTRG thanks you not only for your dedication to Amateur Radio but also for your efforts to help JTRG successfully complete the application and obtain recognition as a 501(c)(3) corporation.
K4LJP, Lee Pennington
JTRG recognizes you for your outstanding contribution to the GOTA station for Field Day 2007!
AI4QZ, Jerry Blazer
JTRG recognizes all of your efforts to improve the antenna array for Field Day 2007! It was certainly a major contributor towards our overall success this year.
KI4NUQ, Chief Jim St. Pierre
JTRG congratulates and thanks you for ALL of your efforts to promote Amateur Radio into our community and extending our disaster preparedness.
KF2GQ, Bob Purrinson
JTRG recognizes your efforts to extend the awareness of Amateur Radio through numerous, voluntary public demonstrations where you provide not only your communications gear, but your time as well.
WA1JCW, Jeff Praham
JTRG recognizes your efforts to extend the awareness of Amateur Radio to the general public by facilitating PSA announcements on Clear Channel Communications facilities.
KD4QHI, Fred Guillium
JTRG recognizes, appreciates, and benefits from your outstanding commitment to amateur radio through your efforts to extend the outreach of our club to Martin County.
KG4ZYT, Andrea & Mike Kola
Thank you for your countless deeds, dedication and volunteer contributions that ultimately lead to the success of  JTRG.
W4JKJ, Kevin Jackson
JTRG recognizes your efforts to introduce Amateur Radio to many others by teaching Technician license exam classes.
































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