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JTRG is an ARRL affiliated, Special Service Club and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that’s committed to the promotion of Amateur Radio and providing community assistance and goodwill.

With just over 100 members, we’re an active club, involved with all aspects of amateur radio, public service and Amateur Radio examinations. We provide communications and logistics for area events and participate in the Jupiter Jubilee, Field Day and Club sponsored picnics. Our repeater is leveraged as the North county repeater for ARES and we have numerous members involved with RACES, ARES, Skywarn, CERT, etc.

Donations are gladly accepted by mail to
PO Box 7751, Jupiter, FL 33468
A receipt will be provided for your tax deductible records.
Thank you for supporting Amateur Radio & JTRG.

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JTRG Repeaters
VHF 146.625 PL 110.9
VHF 146.715 PL 110.9
UHF 444.225 PL 110.9


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Auxiliary Communicators Wanted For PBC EOC

As an Amateur Radio Operator I enjoy talking with other Hams around the world, chatting on repeaters with other Hams on my way to work, being part of a Ham Radio Club and tinkering with antennas. But, during emergencies and disasters, there comes a time to use our skills and assist others.

After Hurricane Mathew I met with Jeffery Childs at the PBC EOC. We had a great conversation and discussed how Ham Radio Operators reacted before, during and after the hurricane. We also discussed how Ham Radio Operators and volunteer communicators can assist our Counties EOC and its entities.

We came to the conclusion that more Volunteer Communicators are needed to assist the Counties communication structure.

This role includes County communication tasks such as emailing, faxing, using Part 90 radios, HF, VHF, UHF and digital radio equipment.

After discussing the important role that communication volunteers have in assisting our counties infrastructure, I decided to complete the application to contribute my time and experience in helping to make this vision possible.

This is why I am also inviting you to join the PBC EOC Communication Volunteer program.

Your help is needed! Let’s not go through our next hurricane season without volunteers at Hospitals, School Shelters, Special Needs Shelters, local EOC’s and the PBC EOC.

If you are willing to devote a little of your precious time, download the attached application, fill it out and fax or email it back to Jeffrey Childs at the PBC EOC.

Also attached is the next Technician Class Flier!!!


Albert “Bert” Moreschi II


Jeffrey A. Childs | EM Program Coordinator | Public Safety Department

Division of Emergency Management|

Palm Beach County

20 South Military Trail| West Palm Beach, FL  33415

voice 561.712.6320| e-mail jchilds@pbcgov.org  | fax 561.712.6464

web site http://www.pbcgov.com/publicsafety/emergencymanagement/


New “Amateur Radio Parity Act” Bill Introduced in US House of Representatives

01/16/2017H.R. 555 — a new “Amateur Radio Parity Act” bill — has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill’s language is identical to that of the 2015 measure, H.R. 1301, which passed in the House late last summer but failed in the waning days of the US Senate to gain the necessary support. As with H.R. 1301, the new measure introduced on January 13 in the 115th Congress was sponsored by Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), with initial co-sponsorship by Rep. Joe Courtney (D-CT) and Rep. Greg Walden, W7EQI (R-OR). Walden now chairs the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, to which the new bill has been referred. H.R. 555 will get an initial airing in the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology. When H.R. 1301 came up in committee, Walden spoke forcefully in favor of the measure, which ultimately attracted 126 House cosponsors.

“Rep. Kinzinger has again stepped forward to introduce this important legislation,” said ARRL CEO Tom Gallagher, NY2RF. “His commitment stems from exposure to what the Amateur Radio community brings to the service of all communities. The ARRL and radio amateurs nationwide owe Rep. Kinzinger a resounding ‘Thank You!’ for his efforts on their behalf.”

H.R. 555 calls on the FCC to establish rules prohibiting the application of deed restrictions that preclude Amateur Radio communications on their face or as applied. Deed restrictions would have to impose the minimum practicable restriction on Amateur Radio communications to accomplish the lawful purposes of homeowners association seeking to enforce the restriction.

The ARRL Board of Directors is expected to discuss the pending legislation when it meets January 20-21.
D-Sen Bill Nelson is not a friend of the Ham Community!! Because of him, HR 1301 Failed.
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