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JTRG is an ARRL affiliated, Special Service Club and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that’s committed to the promotion of Amateur Radio and providing community assistance and goodwill.

With just over 100 members, we’re an active club, involved with all aspects of amateur radio, public service and Amateur Radio examinations. We provide communications and logistics for area events and participate in the Jupiter Jubilee, Field Day and Club sponsored picnics. Our repeater is leveraged as the North county repeater for ARES and we have numerous members involved with RACES, ARES, Skywarn, CERT, etc.

Donations are gladly accepted by mail to
PO Box 7751, Jupiter, FL 33468
A receipt will be provided for your tax deductible records.
Thank you for supporting Amateur Radio & JTRG.

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JTRG Repeaters
VHF 146.625 PL 110.9
VHF 146.715 PL 110.9
UHF 444.225 PL 110.9





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Hurricane Irma:  Amateur Radio Response






Hello All,


Hurricane Irma has come and gone but it left many effected areas with a

mess to clean up, power to be restored, homes to be rebuilt and lives to
be remembered.
In Palm Beach County many Amateur Radio Operators passed damage reports
and information about the hurricane to the EOC.
Pat Johnson KJ4AVE operated the Amateur Radio equipment at the EOC.
Hams in Hospitals, Shelters, government structures and from their homes
supplied Pat KJ4AVE with Hurricane information like wind speeds,
rainfall, power outages, damage and other related effects.
FPL workers are working hard to make sure that everyone’s power is
turned back on.

To all the many Ham’s who volunteered their time and efforts during and
after this catastrophic hurricane, a special thanks to all of you!!
Those who sent out any email comments were noticed and are very much



rag chew net










Reminder: JTRG’s Weekly Rag Chew Net Tuesday’s at 8:00pm on the 146.625 repeater.

I will be at the meeting and looking forward to seeing you there!













Volunteer Communicators Wanted For PBC EOC

As an Amateur Radio Operator I enjoy talking with other Hams around the world, chatting on repeaters with other Hams on my way to work, being part of a Ham Radio Club and tinkering with antennas. But, during emergencies and disasters, there comes a time to use our skills and assist others.

I met with Jeffery Childs at the PBC EOC. We had a great conversation and discussed how Ham Radio Operators and volunteer communicators can assist our Counties EOC and its entities.

We came to the conclusion that more Volunteer Communicators are needed to assist the Counties communication structure.

This role includes County communication tasks such as emailing, faxing, using Part 90 radios, HF, VHF, UHF and digital radio equipment.

After discussing the important role that communication volunteers have in assisting our counties infrastructure, I decided to complete the application to contribute my time and experience in helping to make this vision possible.

This is why I am also inviting you to join the PBC EOC Communication Volunteer program.

Your help is needed at Hospitals, School Shelters, Special Needs Shelters, local EOC’s and the PBC EOC.

If you are willing to devote a little of your precious time, download the attached application, fill it out and fax or email it back to Jeffrey Childs at the PBC EOC.

Also attached is the next Technician Class Flier!!!


Albert “Bert” Moreschi II


Jeffrey A. Childs | EM Program Coordinator | Public Safety Department

Division of Emergency Management|

Palm Beach County

20 South Military Trail| West Palm Beach, FL  33415

voice 561.712.6320| e-mail jchilds@pbcgov.org  | fax 561.712.6464

web site http://www.pbcgov.com/publicsafety/emergencymanagement/





Attached you will find the two Ham Radio Class/exam sessions scheduled
for 2017 at the American Red Cross in WPB, Fla.

Technician Class — October 7th and 8th, 2017
General Class —- November 4th and 5th, 2017

Each one is a weekend class with the exam on Sunday morning.
The class is free, the exam is $15.00 and the ARRL study manuals are
$30.00 and are available at the ARRL.

Instructions are on the attached fliers.

If you know of someone who would like to earn their Ham Radio license,the October Technician Class sign ups are taking place now.

If any Technician Class Amateur Radio Operator would like to upgrade to General Class, I am taking sign ups now.

Walk-ins are allowed for testing of all three license classes.

Feel free to forward, copy, post the attachments and help to mentor a
new Ham into the hobby of Amateur Radio.

Albert Moreschi AG4BV
ARRL Instructor/VE
561 714-6673
American Red Cross Disaster Services








May 2017 Meeting on Digital Mobile Radios

Thanks to Jim and Herb for an excellent presentation on DMRs!







The Great American Clean Up, Earth Day and Adopt A Highway








Thanks to all of our members who participated in this worthy community event.  Pictured (Left to Right) are Time McDow (KM4EF), John Leonardi, and Jerry Gumbus (N4GKI).






Congratulations to all of our New Hams who passed their Technician Radio Class examination today and Joao who passed his Extra Class Exam.

Mon Mar 6, 2017 5:21 pm (PST) . Posted by:  Laurence Grayhills, K1UAT

Hello to all of our New Hams and congratulations on successfully passing
your Ham Radio Technician Class exam on February 26th, 2017 and earning
your Ham Radio Technician Class License.Here are your call signs;Also Congratulations to:KN4BNI Gary Speck
KN4BNJ Jacqueline Loriol
KN4BNK Daniel Ray
KN4BNL Jenell Baker
KN4BNM Salvatore Lucido
KN4BNN John Henkelman
KN4BNO Shalimar Debusk
KN4BNP Robert Miller
KN4BNQ Barry Chandler
KN4BNR Ramon Rodriquez
KN4BNS William ChengAlso Congratulations to:
KM4RYQ Joao Marcal who passed his Extra Class Exam!You may have some correspondence after your licenses are posted.
I will be the first to ask you to join a Ham Radio Club in your area,
Join the ARRL at www.arrl.org join your local emergency Ares/Races
organization, volunteer for the American Red Cross and upgrade your
license to General.Let me be the first to encourage all of you to upgrade to the next level
license, General Class.I have already signed some of you up for the class. See attached flier.Also, as the President of the Jupiter Tequesta Repeater Group I am
sending you an invitation to join our club by clicking on this link:
http://www.jtrg.org/PDF_files/JTRG_Application.pdfJoining the American Radio Relay League is easy and is a great resource
of Ham Radio’s latest and greatest radio’s, antennas and tips.
http://www.arrl.org/membershipI invite you join a local Yahoo Group called Hello Radio. This group
lets you know the latest events in our area, tips on Amateur Radio and
much more.
Here is the link to help you join this group originating from South
https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/HelloRadio/infoWhether it’s working emergency communications or just enjoying chatting
with other Hams, I hope you all enjoy your new endeavor and hope to say
hello to you in the very near future.Again, Congratulations in joining thousands of other Ham Radio Operators!73
Albert Moreschi AG4BV
ARRL Instructor/VE
561 714-6673


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